2019 FEES: Quick Look

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QUESTION: Hey, TAM, my book is done, saved on Word, how much to publish it for me?

ANSWER: Barring any major tab or hard-return errors, your MS can be formatted, a custom cover designed, and published in print and on Kindle/eBook using KDP, Amazon's printing & distributing company for a total of $550. 

For $550 you become a published author!


·          KINDLE EBOOK

Keep all of your rights; you are your own publisher. You collect 100% of your royalties!


TAM Book Design and Publishing Package-Pay Online

$ 560.00 USD

(If you prefer, you can mail a check or money order and incur no bank fee.)

This payment assures immediate placement in my client queue, and most books are completed in 12-16 weeks (unless you have previously worked out a rush). Payment is for services detailed in the TAM Flyer found on this webpage in PDF form. A contract and receipt is available. (Payment includes $10 card fee)


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