7/8/11: Client Paul says: "Ellen C Maze is an amazing author that has begun mentoring writers who need help in editing, publishing, even promoting their books. Ellen is my editor of my new novel series, A LAST DAYS TRILOGY. Ask the Holy Spirit if you should publish your book, a story that could change lives for eternity." -- THANK YOU, Paul!

7/8/11: "Writers are compelled to write. Authors saw their compulsion through to the end." ~ The Author's Mentor

7/9/11: "I've been mentoring authors actively for two years, and it's about time I made it official. You're writing a book, or you have an idea for a book...what now? My mentoring is FREE. If you need help formatting or publishing, I'll help you with extremely low prices. Greed is never an option!" ~ The Author's Mentor, Ellen C. Maze

7/10/11: Melanie Poitras says, "This is a fantastic idea, what great incentive and support, and we really couldn't of found a better mentor that Ellen!!! Thank you Twinnie :)"

7/10/11: QUESTION FOR THE AUTHOR'S MENTOR: "I am writing a book. How do I get a publisher or an agent?" ANSWER: Keep working on your book. Finish it. Edit it. Proof it. Make it as perfect as humanly possible. Then start asking about how to get an agent. I will happily point you in the best directions! (Moral: try not to put the cart before the horse) ♥

7/11/11: HEY! AUTHOR'S MENTOR! "It's just too much trouble for me to figure CreateSpace out. Can you just do it for me?" ANSWER: It does seem complicated at first, and yes, I can do it for you. It costs a little money since it will take me 3-4 hours to prepare your document, but it's not much. Generally, most manuscripts are $75 to format for CreateSpace.

7/11/11: AAAAEEEIIIIIiiiii! AUTHOR'S MENTOR! "My Kindle edition doesn't look right and Amazon yanked it off sale because of complaints. Can you help?" ANSWER: Sure! I can try to explain to you what is going wrong with your upload. No charge! If you want me to reformat it for you and make it "purty," I can do that for $40.00. Cool?

7/12/11: This beautiful woman, Sude Khanian, contacted The Author's Mentor from the internet, and we discussed promoting her excellent anthology "30.5". Guys, this is a lovely book. Maybe some of you wrote a book and wish you knew what to do next. Let me know if I can help! ~ Ellen:The Author's Mentor

7/13/11: DO YOU HATE ERRORS? Every writer needs a critique of their work. I did, and credit much of my success to this woman. She not only helped me to "see" my typographical errors; she also "taught" me about how to be a better writer, to keep it tight, and to cut out the boring parts. People--I'm serious. Get Suzanne to help you! ~ ellen (not a paid endorsement, simply a sincere desire to help you!)

7/13/11: The Author's Mentor can advise you even if you've already chosen a publisher. LeAnna Shields went with Outskirts Press, and any time she had a question for me, I did my best to find her a helpful answer. Now her first novel is out and I am very excited to read it. The samples I read are very intriguing! Link:
The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed

7/13/11: Sometimes I read a book that's fantastic and then seek out the author to encourage them. With NYC Entertainer Jerry Castaldo's gritty memoir, Brooklyn NY: A Grim Retrospective, I noticed he had no Nook edition. I approached him about preparing his book for Nook and Smashwords to broaden his readership and availability. He hired me, and now his book is covering more bases. I'm here for you guys! ~ ellen

PUBLISHED ALREADY AND LOOKING FOR A PROMOTION OUTLET? Check out the marketing potential at http://www.freado.com/. I have been using them for 2 years and am convinced that for the money, it can't be beat!

NEED ADVICE ON BOOK TRAILERS, RADIO ADS, AND MORE? Book trailers are so important these days, and this company does a fantastic job affordably. I used them for some radio ads, and I was so impressed. http://www.arizonavideocompany​.com/

DISTRIBUTION-- Do you have a paperback published? If it was published through CreateSpace/Amazon, I can guarantee you that the distribution works! Put your title in bookfinder.com and see who is selling your book. Here it shows mine in more than 40 stores around the world!

A TIME FOR EVERYTHING UNDER HEAVEN: That isn't just a catchy saying; it's true. If you have a desire to write a book, but you can't seem to find the time or the initiative, then for you--it isn't yet time. When the time is right, you will not be able to STOP writing. It will become a compulsion. This is a good gauge for us all.

BEST SELLERS RANKING: Watch your published book, and watch the best sellers ranking provided by Amazon on every book. This is updated every 60 minutes, so look several times a day. When your book becomes a best seller- even for an hour - grab a screen-shot of it. I caught my book when it was #110 in the Best Sellers, and #1 in the Top-Rated. This is great for later promotions and sales to retail outlets.

PROOFING IS FOR FINISHED MANUSCRIPTS: some of the best advice I ever received was, "Ellen, stop editing that thing and just write it! Proofing and editing come AFTER." Worrying over errors and typos and in-continuities can bog you down and block you...just write. We can check your work later! ♥

WHEN YOU'RE DOWN, STARE AT A CLOWN: Today's advice is to be silly. The world can be sad, scary, and sometimes downright mean, but if you can smile and be a little silly, often a light heart will overcome the dreary spirit. Better writing comes from a clear head and a heart filled with hope.~ The Author's Mentor

HAVING TROUBLE WITH FORMATTING? I've been there, and I wished I could simply hire someone to format the book for me cheaply. Now, I do it for authors all the time. Contact me to see how we can step up this process for your book. Formatting an entire novel up to 100,000 words for $75. Yep. That's good. :) Email ellenmaze@aol.com

READ READ READ: If you want to be a writer, you MUST read. Read inside your genre, read outside your genre, read fiction, and read non-fiction. Read the BEST in the business more than you read newbies. Command the English language to the utmost. STUDY the craft of writing. I'll have resources on my website soon to aid you in all of this. The Lord knows, I need it too! ~ Ellen

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