2024 FEES: Quick Look

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Hey, TAM, my book is done, saved on Word, how much to publish it for me?


Barring any major tab or hard-return errors, your MS can be formatted, a custom cover designed, and published in print and on Kindle/eBook using KDP, Amazon's printing & distributing company for a total of $600. 

If you have photographs to insert, there is no limit, these do not affect your TAM package amount. 

If you need TAM to build tables, edit photographs, or edit your text, these are services not included in the TAM Package, but are offered at very competitive rates.

For $600 you become a published author!

  • PAPERBACK & KINDLE E-BOOK w/Global Distribution Amazon.com 

- Monitor your book sales updated hourly

- You keep all rights

- You are your own publisher

- You collect 100% of your royalties

* Hard cover binding is recently available through KDP Amazon Publishing (which we use). If you would like to have a hard cover edition of your book, add $50 to your TAM package to cover the additional formatting issues.



The Author’s Mentor 

(a self-publishing assistant)

is an imprint of

Little Roni Publishers, LLC 

(a traditional independent publisher)

Based in Clanton, Alabama

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