Internationally recognized for her equestrian art, Ellen Sallas also illustrates children's picture books (also middle-grade novels - not advertised here - just ask!).

Above are two main types offered: hand-painted in watercolor, and vector/digital art.

Both methods cost the same money -- you count up how many illustrations you need (I will help decide that as needed) and multiply times $35.

Then add the TAM package to have those illustrations put to your text in a lovely full-color book and eBook, $600 (subtract $50 from the TAM package if you hire me also to illustrate). Most illustrated picture books have 32 pages, so if you need 32 illustrations, plus a book cover painting ($100), your cost is as follows:

32 x $35 + $100 for cover = $1220


$550 TAM package to design and publish in ebook and softcover (minus the $50 discount)

                       = $1770 !!! 

Check around! That is an amazing price!

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